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Here is a brief video that we put together compiled using FWC and Alabama DNR information along with out own pictures. This details what a "real" fox-coyote enclosure is.

National non-profit organizations Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), Project Coyote, and the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) are filing a lawsuit against the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and its director Robert Carter Jr. over the Department’s decision to waive state permit requirements for a controversial Greene County “penning” facility. In penning operations, wild foxes and coyotes are trapped so that packs of hunting dogs can be set loose on them. The captive wildlife, unable to escape the caged enclosures, frequently suffer horrific deaths while being ripped to shreds during these “field trials.” Indiana residents and taxpayers ( who are deeply concerned about the cruel practice have joined the suit. The law offices of Lawrence Reuben are providing pro bono legal assistance.

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Jeremy Maines, recipient of the Florida Chapter of The Wildlife Society's 2011 Citizen Conservation Award

In an era when hunting is sometimes questioned as a legitimate sporting activity and wildlife management tool, maintaining the highest levels of ethical hunting behavior and humane treatment of wildlife is critical to maintaining public confidence in wildlife management, wildlife managers, and hunter conservationists. Jeremy Maines contributed significantly to maintaining those standards by bringing to the attention of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) the inhumane and unethical practice of using hounds to hunt and kill coyotes and foxes within fenced enclosures in Florida.

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Welcome to the Cause ...

This website was created for what began as a local, grassroots effort to eliminate the coyote penning that is taking place in our community in Holt, Florida. Our main goal was to stop the coyote and fox penning we endured for a number of years. We were being forced to become eyewitnesses to this cruel and unjustified torture of penned coyotes and foxes by unsupervised hunting dogs. This effort has taken a new direction on its own and has now become National. As we have learned more information about this inhumane treatment of innocent wildlife, our focus has now been on eliminating this "sport" from taking place anywhere in the United States.

"According to (Jerry) Martin, ten coyotes were killed by dogs during that field trial."
Sandsifters Inspection Report 9/30/2008

Let us state up front that we are not "anti-Hunting" nor "anti-Gun". We approve most forms of hunting and we certainly agree with the right to bear arms. Our fight is with a "sport" known as fox penning that is cruel and serves no purpose. Wildlife is penned into an area with no chance of escape. Despite what the supporters of this “sport” contend, there is no element of fair chase as this is canned hunting using the dogs and fences as weapons.

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New photographs have been added to the Photos Page - These photos show coyotes and foxes being crated for shipment and killed animals from the Carolina Running Pen in Carolina, AL (just across the FL border).

The Facebook Cause (Stop Wildlife Penning) has reached TRIBE status with over 3,000 members! Thanks to everyone who has joined! If you haven't, please join to show your support!

How can I help Indiana?

Indiana NRC - Division of Hearings
Indiana Government Center North
100 North Senate Avenue, Room N501
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
(317) 232-4699
(317) 233-2977 Fax

The Indiana Natural Resources Commission is very particular on how they would like comments sent to them. So at this time, we are unable to provide a "quick" method to enter your information and post it directly to them. You will need to go to their website, find the running pen proposed rule and submit your comment there. Here is the information and instructions:

>>  Go to:
>>  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the Coyote/Fox Dog Training Grounds rule
>>  Click on Comment on this rule
>>  Enter the required information in the boxes provided
>>  In the comments, please make sure that you remain courteous and straight to the point. Explain the fact that the inherent cruelty and abuse simply cannot be regulated through rule. Try to focus on a particular topic and make a conclusive argument
>>  Send as many friends, family and neighbors to this site and have them post comments as well!

Contact Governor Mitch Daniels

Office of the Governor
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797
(317) 232-4567
Email the Governor

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